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How Big is Small?

Ask ten travel professionals to define what a small ship cruise is and

you will get ten different answers. This is because small ship cruising

means different things to different people. To a big ship cruiser 1500

people might be small. To a traveler accustomed to private yachts

even 12 guests might be too much. In this post we will break down

small ships by size and style to identify what small ship cruising means

to our passionate community of active small ship cruisers.

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Small Ships vs. Big Ships

A Different Kind of Cruise!

Why Small Ship Cruises? We love small ships because they go into the smaller ports where the big ships can’t. We love them because you get to experience the culture and the people of the destination not just the tourist areas. The small ship cruise offers an intimate cruising experience. You can see the land and wildlife up close and personal. You get to know officers and crew and guest lecturers and form a bond with fellow passengers. 

SmallShipCruises.com will help you filter through all the choices. We have first-hand knowledge of the cruise lines and have cruised with most of them. Browse through our website to find the destination and ship that you like best, then call us at 1-773-425-1130 or toll-free at 1-888-492-0225 and we will help arrange a memorable cruise

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                        by Scott Linde, Editor SmallShipCruises.com c2009

There’s a new ship in town and we had the opportunity to experience a cruise on her recently. The Island Passage is in its inaugural year and operates out of Auckland, New Zealand. Its regular cruising ground is the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park, a broad area around Auckland Harbor, an area rich in scenic beauty and nature with numerous inhabited and uninhabited islands.
Island Passage, a 24-passenger ship, is operated by Island Escape Cruises with 3, 4, and 5-night itineraries in the Marine Park. We were aboard for a special fishing excursion so fishing was the main activity on each of the days.

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